The Unilabel Group was born somewhere between the generations Y and Z, on the edge of the outsourcing and globalization of the textile industry.


Originally a family SME, Unilabel was able to adapt to the evolution of the market by establishing itself in the delocalized production zones of brands and store chains.

Today, the Unilabel Group is made up of 14 printshops and 180 collaborators, each with a common value: the constant search for excellence in their services.


Unilabel has become a global group that is strengthening itself to support brands in their constant need for responsiveness and operational flexibility.

Think global, act local *

* Penser global, agir local



 ISO9001 Certification

Unilabel France was certified according to the ISO9001 standard in 2011. Considering that gathering all the resources of the company is necessary to reach an efficient and lasting satisfaction of our customers, we voluntarily committed ourselves to this approach, token of the quality of services granted to our customers. This commitment enables us to measure and improve our daily performance.

Delivering a product according to your specifications, matching your needs, these are our goals.


Quality Control

Unilabel is committed to a quality control approach at all stages of labelling supplies: during production (product compliance by sampling and use of barcode readers), packaging (compliance of quantities conditioned by measuring tools), and delivery (compliance of quantities delivered).

Global logistics

Unilabel is committed in a global logistics process that allows it to guarantee fast delivery lead times on the production sites of its customers. The group works with both global and local carriers to provide the best service at the best price. Moreover, this global logistics guarantees a continuity of service in case of problem at a production site.

Sustainable development and social commitment

Unilabel is an ethical company, sensitive to eco-responsibility, and FSC certified.(Spain and Tanger FSC-C116406, Hong Kong and China FSC-C131137 and Vietnam FSC-C142973 sites). Please, ask about our FSC™ certified products. 

We give priority to local production each time it is possible and considering that materials are available on the market. Avoiding remote and unnecessary shipments, rigorously selecting materials, implementing state-of-the-art equipment in each of our printshops, here are the actions that allow us to provide the most local supply, while respecting the quality criteria of our customers, without additional environmental damage.


Unilabel is also an organization committed from a societal point of view:

  • to comply with the regulations concerning the age of employment admission

  • to ensure that work is not carried out by children under the legal age

  • to comply with the regulations on health, safety and working conditions

  • to act in accordance with the legal commercial practices of the countries in which it operates

  • to respect the confidentiality of any information communicated during its intervention




Global Solution : global establishment with local decision-making power

Thanks to its international presence, Unilabel is close to the production sites of its customers, which enables it to provide the best answer to their requirements in terms of quality of service and delivery time. Unilabel takes responsibility for their complete labelling in each country where the group is established, either through in-house production or in partnership with recognized providers in the market.

Our printshops are run by self-sufficient and dynamic local teams. Decisions are made locally, but always in consultation with headquarters teams and brands.

Customer service dedicated to the brand

Unilabel offers its customers a professional and dedicated customer service on all its sites. Our customer service is both local (one privileged contact in each delivery country + one regional supervisor) and global (customer service at head office in France).

Whatever the place, whatever the language spoken, our clients will always find someone to answer their questions, without language barriers, nor time difference.

Centralized product development department

Development requests are centralized at Unilabel head quarters to guarantee a consistency of the products, whatever the place they are produced.

Strong experience in variable data management, design, translations

Our online ordering system Artemis has been with us since the beginning of our activity. It has been custom-made for Unilabel and has evolved over the years to adapt to the customized demands of our customers, and to the more and more demanding import standards.





We provide our production capacity and reactivity in more than 10 countries, to your satisfaction.


All your suppliers have access to the same benefits in all the areas in which we operate. They have access to identical services, and benefit from the experience and dedication we have in each of our projects.

You are part of that network.





Customized labels and textile accessories are a good way to personalize your clothes through the seasons and stand out from the competition. Whether in cardboard (hangtags), woven (woven and size labels), leather (jacron), silicone (patches), they play with materials to give your products the little extra that will make the difference and allow them to be recognized by everyone.



In this field the range of possibilities is almost unlimited.

etiquetas 2.jpg

From the multiplicity of media (cardboard, coated paper, uncoated paper, kraft, tracing ...) to the variety of forms (square, rectangular, round, oval, special cuts), through the diversity of printing processes (CMYK or pantone) and finishing (varnish, embossing, strings, plastic fasteners, metal eyelets ...), all trends can be drawn to infinity to sublimate your clothes.

Photo 7-depositphotos_8829343-stock-photo-collection-of-various-price-tag.jpg
etiquetas 6.jpg

Brand labels:

Thanks to the diversity and wealth of our equipment, we are able to supply you with high-quality woven and size labels, made from natural fibers (cotton, viscose) or synthetic (polyester, lurex thread).

Photo 3-depositphotos_156231554-stock-photo-set-of-labels.jpg
etiquetas 4.jpg
etiquetas 5.jpg


Textile accessories:

While the search for fantasy and originality is legion in the garment industry, other materials and accessories can still come to dress your clothes and assert their identity in an original and personalized way: the badges in silicone or PVC, the jacrons.



Often considered as a puzzle by the brands, the barcode printing is nevertheless a strategic element that they should perfectly control.

In the context of globalization of the textile industry and constant renewal of collections, brands must indeed identify their many products, whatever the region of the world in which they are manufactured. They also need to control their flow to make sure their clothes and accessories arrive in stores at key times in their seasons. This involves printing variable data on different labels (prices, parcels, polybags), whose management requires flawless expertise.

Unilabel grew with the rise of the barcode. By entrusting us with your labelling, you outsource your skills while continuing to master them. Above all, you save time to devote yourself to your core business: the creation and sale of your collections.

Barcode labels:

Price tags or stickers, cardboard or adhesive, we print all kinds of labels in digital, offset, flexo, or thermal transfer according to your needs (price, logistics, size, reference ...) and your specifications. Print quality is guaranteed by a new and maintained production tool, and regular print-out reading controls.

etiquetas 7.jpg

Care labels:

Care labels are the passport of your products. They must comply with increasingly strict regulations and therefore deserve the greatest attention of treatment:

. Production of your necessary care, composition, importation labels for the logistics of your clothes, with total respect of your specifications.

. Many quality materials in polyester, polyamide, or satin, that we can print in black or in colors according to your need.

. Supports resistant to specific treatments (stone wash, bleach, dye ...).

. Database of the most commonly used languages for the translation of your fabrics, care instructions, washing symbols.

All our supports are OEKO-TEX certified and comply with the REACH regulations.

etiquetas 9.jpg



RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology enables the identification and traceability of your garments at any time, from factory design to store arrival, thanks to a label emitting radio waves.

Unilabel has its own production platforms for RFID solutions:

. Barcelona (Spain) for the Euromed zone

. Guangzhou (China) for Asia

These platforms can count on a staff of qualified engineers on RFID technology as well as on advanced equipment for variable data printing, Electronic Product Code (EPC) data encoding on customized RFID tags (hangtags & stickers). ), and pocket tags.

Quality control processes in place guarantee that the production of RFID tags coming out of our factories is 100% compliant with the order placed, without duplication of EPC, without encoding errors.

Thanks to its own know-how, Unilabel is also able to offer innovative tailor-made solutions for the integration and development of RFID-based programs, from pilot implementation to deployment in the complete network of stores.

Antitheft - EAS:

Unilabel provides anti-theft solutions tailored to your needs allowing you to fight against generalized theft:

. RF Solutions: insertion of the antenna in a satin bag (pocket tag), a sticker, or a price tag. Possible printing of a logo or variable data.

. AM solutions: insertion of the AM bar into a satin bag (pocket tag)

etiquetas 8.jpg


The stores give pride of place to garments but accessories hold an increasingly important place. The specific packaging of these products is part of the identity of the brand in the same way as the garment packaging, so it should be given the same attention. Unilabel answers all your requests:

. Packaging for accessories: jewels, tights, socks, underwear

. Packaging for shoes




ARTEMIS, our web-ordering platform:

We set up a unique and global extranet website for the processing, consultation, and follow-up of our customers' orders.


A global solution:
• Automatic order receipt 7/7j
• Real-time production progress monitoring
• Automatic distribution of orders at production sites
• A single interface for all (customers, vendors, production, customer service)

A customized solution:
• Adjustment to your IT system (ERP, Excel spreadsheets, TXT, Access) for automatic order receipt and variable data management



Les différents sites de production d’Unilabel sont équipés de machines variées et à la pointe du marché, que ce soit le matériel pour la production des étiquettes ou bien les machines auxiliaires de post impression.

Unilabel's various production sites are equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art machines, including label production equipment and auxiliary post-press machinery.

Our investments in equipment are ongoing. Our production equipment follows the technological evolutions of the market and constantly adapt to the needs of our customers.To maintain overall consistency and homogeneity in production, printing and post press machines are common in most Unilabel sites, as well as organization and production processes.

Production never stops!

Common manufacturing printing equipment and technologies:

Digital (HP INDIGO, KONICA), offset, silk screen, hot stamping, flexo, thermal transfer

Common auxiliary post-press equipment and technologies:Gluing, thermal laminating, die-cutting, hot and cold cutting, ultrasonic cutting


In this ever-changing textile industry market, brands need to renew and question themselves more and more frequently. This involves regular changes in visual identity and therefore labelling, for which they need to be accompanied and advised.

Thanks to its long experience in this field, Unilabel is force proposals for all your projects in terms of labelling (choice of media, technical expertise).

We work from your specifications and realize the samples that will fit your artworks, in compliance with your graphic chart, your colors, cutouts, and materials:

  • hangtags
  • Woven labels
  • Communication labels
  • Packaging ...

This compulsory and essential basis of work gives you the guarantee of the conformity of your products with your expectations, a homogeneity of your supports, and consequently a common visual identity in all your stores

For any new project, we are able to submit samples within 8 to 15 days depending on the complexity of the product and the production area in which it is to be developed









Web page in progress




Want to know more ? Leave us your details and the reason for your request. We will contact you soon.



UNILABEL is committed to offering its customers a service with the highest possible quality. In order to achieve this, processes, goods and services are continually improved, satisfying customers at all times. The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of all staff members of the company with general responsibility residing in Management and establishing as mandatory that all staff recognize and accept the philosophy of providing quality services, accepting responsibility for their own production.


 •    To identify the needs and requirements of the interested parties (customers, suppliers, employees, management, owners, community, schools and universities, legal and regulatory organizations, emergency teams and media).

•    To monitor and review the provision of services and processes, identifying possible errors and implementing the necessary actions to eliminate them.

•    To provide extensive staff training, promoting an attitude of "doing the right thing" towards Quality.

•    To forge alliances with external suppliers and with the main actors in the private and public sectors to guarantee optimal business performance. Also ensure that external suppliers and partners that can be used in the provision of our services also comply with the philosophy of quality and company policies.

•    To achieve and maintain a standard of excellence in the operation of the business

•    To maintain a reputation for honesty and integrity and ensure that this is reflected in all company activity.

•    To ensure that the Quality Management System provides a framework for the management and control of the activities of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, also helping to establish and review the strategic objectives of the company.

•    To ensure that all policies and procedures of the company have the full support of Management.

•    Continuously monitor and review the Quality Policy to ensure that it remains relevant and effective for the changing needs of all interested parties.

•    Continuous appreciation of the business to ensure that the quality of service offered meets the expectations of customers and all current and imminent legislative requirements.

•    The effectiveness of the Quality System is monitored by planned audits, management reviews and customer satisfaction surveys to ensure the quality of service provision.



The description of the whole system, such as, among others, policy, processes, procedures and instructions, and the documented information, are described in the different documents that make up the Quality Manual in a simple and dynamic way, fulfilling all the requirements specified in the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The Quality management system described in the Manual has been developed by UNILABEL and has the approval and continuous monitoring of the company's management, acquiring the commitment to comply with the legislative, regulatory requirements and those that consider, establishing and reviewing quality objectives and goals. Management controls that the integrity of the system is maintained when planning and implementing changes.

This  Statement of  Quality Policy will be  reviewed annually.  The responsibility for compliance with this policy falls upon the Management, which will oversee the effectiveness of the policy and its associated initiatives. 

This Statement of Quality Policy is available on the shared computer system and on the website so that it can be seen by all the interested parties of the company.

Signed by: Damia Arque Saleta

Officer: General Manager

Date: May 2018