ARTEMIS, our web-ordering platform:

We set up a unique and global extranet website for the processing, consultation, and follow-up of our customers' orders.


A global solution:
• Automatic order receipt 7/7j
• Real-time production progress monitoring
• Automatic distribution of orders at production sites
• A single interface for all (customers, vendors, production, customer service)

A customized solution:
• Adjustment to your IT system (ERP, Excel spreadsheets, TXT, Access) for automatic order receipt and variable data management



Les différents sites de production d’Unilabel sont équipés de machines variées et à la pointe du marché, que ce soit le matériel pour la production des étiquettes ou bien les machines auxiliaires de post impression.

Unilabel's various production sites are equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art machines, including label production equipment and auxiliary post-press machinery.

Our investments in equipment are ongoing. Our production equipment follows the technological evolutions of the market and constantly adapt to the needs of our customers.To maintain overall consistency and homogeneity in production, printing and post press machines are common in most Unilabel sites, as well as organization and production processes.

Production never stops!

Common manufacturing printing equipment and technologies:

Digital (HP INDIGO, KONICA), offset, silk screen, hot stamping, flexo, thermal transfer

Common auxiliary post-press equipment and technologies:Gluing, thermal laminating, die-cutting, hot and cold cutting, ultrasonic cutting


In this ever-changing textile industry market, brands need to renew and question themselves more and more frequently. This involves regular changes in visual identity and therefore labelling, for which they need to be accompanied and advised.

Thanks to its long experience in this field, Unilabel is force proposals for all your projects in terms of labelling (choice of media, technical expertise).

We work from your specifications and realize the samples that will fit your artworks, in compliance with your graphic chart, your colors, cutouts, and materials:

  • hangtags
  • Woven labels
  • Communication labels
  • Packaging ...

This compulsory and essential basis of work gives you the guarantee of the conformity of your products with your expectations, a homogeneity of your supports, and consequently a common visual identity in all your stores

For any new project, we are able to submit samples within 8 to 15 days depending on the complexity of the product and the production area in which it is to be developed